23 March 2008

Sunday Fail

Today's Sunday Mail review of last week's Sleazy's show is definitely a head scratcher. I wish i could have scanned it, but i didn't want to. So, i'll type it out instead:

Danananayckroyd (sic) (3/10, must try harder)
Copy Haho

(shouldn't that be TWO to watch? What one should we watch? I guess we'll never know...)

Stonehaven quartet Copy Haho showed their quality with ringing indie guitars and scuzzy riffs aplenty. (Genius) The furious power pop of Dananananaykroyd (it always baffles me when our name is printed two completely different ways in the space of 20 or so words. Sloppy...) should get critical acclaim. (Thanks! .. oh wait..) But song titles such as The Greater Than Symbol (it's actually 'The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash', but our Myspace page wouldn't accept such a long title - i'm assuming this is where they got it from) won't push the Glasgow six-piece chart-bound in a hurry. (Ok, what? Eh... sorry? Did the Sunday Mail just say that our song TITLES are holding us back from the charts? I'd like to believe it means something less puzzling, but.. eh, huh? Is it just me? Or does that really make no sense at all? I just don't get it, i really don't. Next time, Sunday Mail - if there ever will be a next time - just rip us to shreds and call us all names like 'gay boots' or 'fart clowns', tell the masses our songs sound like crabs flumping and at least the insults and humour will cover up the peculiar truth that you employ "music writers" to yawn guff all over your newspaper. And, just so you know, it's our noisy, messy rock music that will keep us out the charts, not the names of our songs).

3 stars out of 5. (jeez, even the score is making me sleepy)

I know it's not a bad review as such and i swear i am genuinely grateful to get a menchie in the musical wasteland that is the Scottish music press... but i just get this weird feeling that i'd have preferred an absolute bashing than this quite strange and dull little blurb. Ach well.

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Anonymous said...

that review sure is a fantastic cure for insomnia.