27 March 2008

this is a picture of what we looked like when we got asked to do the whole foals european tour..
as you can see the overall look is "we can't afford to.. so we shall wait until we have monies to do rocko to people". its really frustrating not having enough pimp sheets to go on tour with an awesome band full of awesome people.
to break down the look here: calum is challenging with a stare of "ho, doll..". john is mesmerized  by his barocca, waiting for it to fizzle. david is not impressed that he can't say "yes! i've got ma sl33per bag and wee orange pillow!" and has all the frustration of a dog tied up outside tesco who just wants to go in and rummage the bakery bit... laura must have been on the phone or s0mmAt L@L!


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