09 April 2008


So we've got this blog and all. It could have been something. It could have been our mouthpiece, our foot in the door what goes into the room full of the guys that can write and things. We could have written the Great Glasweigan Novel.

Alas, no. We post pictures of ourselves monging off in England, and we post nu-metal videos. And maybe some stories about how completely un-rocking we are. So, on behalf of Danananakroycd (that's right, isn't it?), I apologise. We're sorry for neglecting you. We will try harder, and more frequently, to get into your internet bookmarks. Nudge nudge etc etc.

BUT as far as being in this band goes, we're making some new songs and all that! John and I are writing lyrics about atoms and stretching. Expect the new record to be called "Ultra Massive Hadron Collider". Also, we're looking at when we can go on tour so we can rock your world with our stretchy atoms!

We're all meeting up in about two hours for a drink, so if you hear a lot of glasses being smashed, you know we're out in force. Danaanaanackrude (that's right, isn't it?) doesn't afraid of anything.

Peace out, honey!

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