22 April 2008

Leave Me To Die In The Comfort Of My Own Home

Hi nobody!!!

It might seem like it's been a quiet couple of months for Dananananaykroyd, but, in reality, our collective heads have been bursting with stuff (egg) and all manner of puff (gust) going on behind the scenes that it's been a bit of a crazy ride trying to get our brains to compute properly. Sort of like playing Paperboy on the Atari ST upside down through your fat auntie's spectacles. Or something.

We've got all sorts of crazy news to bring and we're hitting the road for eight more gigs (and counting...) that will take us up to the very early summer. But, first and foremost, our EP is finally coming out really, really soon, we can almost smell its turgid musk wafting into our brains like smell bees. Is everyone going to buy it?? Is everyone going to help us out by buying our puny record so that we can forge on and try and deliver something even more muscular next time?? Don't believe us? Just try it mister! I DARE YOU.

In anticipation of this fine little record, we're doing a promo 'British Knights' music video. It's all set to be hilarious, rocko, yet fantastically watchable. I'm dead pumped for this, you should be too.

Also, we've been writing tons of great new songs and getting so excited about them that we can't wait to play them to yooz. Seriously, amongst our best tunes yet. We're furiously trying to find enough time between the six of us to practice them. It hasn't happened yet, but everything in good time. We're planning on being around a very long time, so it's important we take our time, you know? Album will be coming this year whether you like it or not, mind...

BIFF! Come see us on tour with the highly amazing Johnny Foreigner next month (dates on the Myspace) and get really music!! GET REALLY MUSIC!!!

In conclusion then, go put on 'Everybody's Down' by No Age (one of the best bands on the planet right now) and fight your ceiling from your bed mattress and feel how excited we are about rocking out some more with you guys real soon. YEAH!!!

smell bees...

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a plan, dan (anananaykroyd).
the world is dead pumped for that video!

get really music,