28 July 2008


We're having ourselves a little tour at the moment dudes! We've already hit Coventry and London, and are currently in The White Room in Sunderland being fannies up the stairs, right?
Coventry was rad, although we played in quite literally the HOTTEST ROOM ever recorded. Our buddies Mirror! Mirror! played and were fantastic. We're dragging them up to Edinburgh and Glasgow in a couple of days.
London last night was completely wild. There was moshing, double-layered crowd surfing, a human pyramid, a human tunnel, and a lot of sweat. IT WENT OFF YO! So thanks for that, although we do hope that noone (apart from me) got hurt up and bangled - that'd be the worst badness. Look out for each other, bozos!

Anyway, I must go as I'm not very well and need to warm up - I've pretty much lost my voice. LOL! GOOD TIMES!

Leave it in a plastic bag at the side of the road,
Calum xx

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Oh whatever :(