09 September 2008

Dananananaykroyd meets Bililililmurray

We were so excited to see him get on our plane, and we were even filming the back of his head (from very far away), but in the end that was totally pointless, because we got to hang out with BILL MURRAY!!!!

(from the long arm / myspace school of photography)

Even thinking about how nice he was makes me feel all warm inside. He is as sweet as you could possibly hope...


Duncan / Dananananaykroyd

PS We're not even home yet from NYC, just sitting on the ground in Kings X. Things we are excited about returning to Glasgow for include 'the telly', 'sofas' and John's fancy monitoring speakers


Pulled Up said...

OMG!!! Super-jels!!

Anonymous said...

He surely must have had a comment about your name?

Future Bear said...

He said "that's funny"

You'll see/hear it in a bit when i upload the video :)