12 September 2008

Everybody Cheer Up

SO YEAH. Me again. We've all (minus lead vocal burper Calum - wheps) been in New York/New Jersey for the last month recording our debut album. A fun, yet hard-working and stressful time was had by all. The recording went well. We've crammed all our "classic" tunes on there for the peeps who haven't heard them, as well as a bunch of swish, new, shiny ones and, so far, pre-mix, it's all sounding really rocking good. A proper, whirly cauldron of swished up party-times and furrowed-brow, beefy rock-out that's as sloppily dangerous as it is fist-pumpingly grin-inducing. Well, to me anyway. Lol. I'm pretty sure we got it right, which makes me happy.

It cetainly wasn't always fun to be there though, Machine (our producer) and his staff had his recording studio shut down the day before we arrived and we (well, they) had to quickly relocate elsewhere. Apparently this involved breaking in and removing everything at night when nobody was looking. With the building being owned by Tony Soprano, I can't imagine this was an easy task. We were sat out in front of our AC units in Jersey though, drinking root beer and watching The Cosby Show, or out in our hired people carrier, completely oblivious, whizzing around Manhattan and eating far too much Taco Bell to take notice. A few days later, we get the call and we turn up to record and everything seems fine. Life really is a piece of cake when you shut your eyes to the surrounding panic. Haha. Aside from this and, obviously, the lack of Calum, everything else went A-OK. Unless you're our boss, naturally. Do you know you have to tip barmen everytime you buy a drink and that vodkas and coke are 10 dollars, but they don't measure the vodka, they just pour it in like a crazy person? Weird and good.

It's good to be home. I've missed vegetarian food and sandwiches that can actually exist without having turkey or ham in them. Who'd have thunked it? Mmm sandwiches. Maybe someone will post some of their photos for you guys to see? I wouldn't bet on it. Haha. I will have some videos up soon though, lots and lots of footage to wade through first. Gulp.

Anyway, Pink Sabbath (our new single backed with Chrome Rainbow) is out soon. It's already been "leaked" by some douchebags who obviously hate us and our music, but we're proud of it and hopefully we'll be able to sell some 7"s on tour to be able to afford biscuits and fizzy pop while sleeping on rat-stained floors and crying down our clothes to wash them. Jeez, I can't wait to go on tour again. It's going to be MEGO!

Check out our Myspace gig listings, I put some up today for November. Go see if we're playing near you (does NEAR you count?) and come see us and our feeble suntans!

Oh yeah, and everyone flick off some sweaty luck towards Calum, who goes out to NY this week to get his shouty bits done for the record! GO C-DAWG GO!!

I need to go and lose some weight now. HELP! Bye everybody.

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