06 October 2008

Glasgow Barrowlands!!!

Hey dudes,

We played the Barras last night!
I was warned to not gush too much onstage, but couldn't help saying a little bit about how happy we were. I didn't have any time to be a pouting cool rock guy , because I couldn't stop grinning all night. Thanks everyone who came down early enough to see us.

Getting one of these huge shows under our belts means we're all crazily excited about these upcoming Foals gigs now, although Johnny Foreigner not being there will take some getting used to...

Come early! Get involved!




Los Tumis said...

Foals suck. That is just the truth. You should be touring with.....the Venga Boys? I'd pay good money to see that.

amy :D said...

man that gig was awesome i think at one point u waved at me + pals or something cant remember was much fun though!
loving the music .. listening right now !

Land Wolf said...

Organise a gig for us and the Venga Boys, and we'll play it! Deal!?
And yeah, it's probably fair to say we're getting into waving and hugging in a big way on this tour.