31 October 2008


Hey punks! And, uh, Happy Samhain/Danzigday/Halloween I guess? SPOOKY CORNERS. I'm dressed as a skeleton right now. Yeah, a fleshy skeleton with normal clothes on. Rinse! But really, I'm wearing a Misfits t-shirt just for the occasion. TRICK OR TREAT HAHAHAHA

ANYWAY, how are you? Good! That's fantastic. Really? Awesome!
THIS PAST WEEK has been busy! We have finished recording our day-bee-yoo album and it sounds RIPPING. Like, kick your speakers in the face, spit on the ground manually, heavy petting in a public swimming pool, RIPPING. So start getting ready for that one. Save your pennies for protective earwear.
ALSO WOT WE DID WOS a BBC session at Maida Vale. I don't know when it'll be on the wireless, but it's for Huw Stevens so CHECKIT! There'll be video of a live performance of Pink Sabbath, too! Is that exciting enough? I DON'T KNOW BUT IT'LL BE GR8.

We're touring our faces off in just three days, so come see us moonwalk all over your favourite rug. We really tie the room together.

Anyway hombré. There you are, that's what is happening, okay okay okay. Also, listen to "No Way No Way" by Vanilla. Byeeee!

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