26 November 2008




GUY said...

1. Hey Everyone
2. Watch This!
3. The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash
4. Black Wax
5. Totally Bone
6. Pink Sabbath
7. Infinity Milk
8. One Chance
9. Some Dresses
10. 1993
11. Hey James
12. Song One Puzzle

seb said...


Release date?
Record release party? When / Where?

Studley said...

all bum?


simon said...

Aw guys why march! I literally don't think i can wait that long to hear the full version of infinity milk :(

Anonymous said...

oh my lordy. are all the tracks newly recorded? presumably it's the same version of pink sabbath but what about greater than and 1993? woo, infinity milk!

GUY said...

Every song has been recorded afresh! Even Sabbath.

James said...

Hey guys!

Leni said...

woah, yes! freshy-fresh

smells good. imma party in mexico for this.

lucylucylucy said...

Really can't wait!! People keep on telling me its brilliant and then saying they'll play it to me BUT IT STILL HASN'T HAPPENED YET!!

Also have you noticed how the song on the latest lotto advert has stolen one of your riffs? No? Just me then.

chunxue said...

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