12 November 2008


Night seven!

We arrive in Coventry too early to find ourselves locked out of the venue and trapped in what appears to be Springburn during the holocaust, but is, in fact, Coventry town centre. It's, what, minus 403? We go for a walk and get spotted in Starbucks by some dudes who shout our band name at us. We'd have reacted favourably, but we're a week into touring and, as much as it pains me to say it, we're going a bit 'wee-hee'. Call me melodramatic, but it's getting weird. Is this brain rot? Hours later, our good friends Mirror! Mirror! show up and we clumsily try to remember how to act around people who can play rocking, mentally draining gigs and still function as human beings. Instead, we set up our wall of computers and forget ourselves and everyone around us as we fall head first, again, inside our fantasy internet worlds. The backstage room has a life-size zombie figure with eyes that follow us around the room. We're literally terrified of it/him. The gig itself is very loud (soundman turns everything up to eleven and is rad), right in the middle of a really bad student disco and almost pointless. But forget that, it was ROCKTIMES FOR YOU LUCKY LUCKY PEOPLE. Thanks to everyone who watched us. I just wish i could control these... i just wish.

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bombed in the war