02 November 2008



Anyway, I just listened to this, and wanted to post it again in an idiotic attempt to get it on someone's end-of-year list (yeah, end-of-year POOPlist!!!!!!!!!?). It's awf-- I mean amazing.
Yes, that's right. It's time to post again the link to THE MYTHICAL NHG RECORD, "BLACK PLAQUE".
NHG is David, Calum and ex-drummer James. It's elephant-metal made with the drum, a guitars and the computing. Download it (again) from here, or suffer the same fate as James Woods did:

Anyway, with that out in the open (I feel like a bigger man for it), I'm now listening to the title track of the 1977 record 'Going For The One' by prog giants and favourites of mine, Yes. Every other song on this record is utter SHAT (SHAT) but the title track is amazing. What a chorus! So jaunty and optimismistical! HEAR IT IS:

I suggest clicking through to the AKCHOOAL YouTube page for the fucking lyrics. I mean, WHOOOO BOY.

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