04 December 2008


It is with deep regret that we are having to cancel our appearance at this Saturday's awesome Bonefest in Leeds. Unfortunately, over December and January, John has to undergo a pretty hardcore treatment for his nagging ongoing chronic fatigue syndrome, which is an immune system disorder caused by the build up of toxins in the central nervous system. The treatment involves manipulation of the spine which works to aid drainage of toxins out of the cerebrospinal fluid and into the blood stream. Basically, it gets a lot worse before it gets better, and it has taken its toll much quicker than expected. As a result, he has been advised by his doctor not to travel or play shows for the time being. John has been soldiering on through our extensive touring schedule of the past few months but it's meant that he really has to take this time off to recover properly, otherwise future touring may not even be an option.

The Bonefest all dayer has an absolutely stellar line up - we are sure it will be an awesome day with or without us - and we'll come and play the next one if they'll have us! Even so, we're really sorry to disappoint everyone on this occasion.
Get your "get better JBJ"s in, and we hope to see you on tour in the new year.

Hug it out


Anonymous said...

get well soon, john. hope to see you all back on the road soon, may the party never stop.

scoobie doo said...

get well soon dood- do you think you guys will still do the hogmany gig?

Tulta said...

HEY John!
hope your lymphatic drainage helps with the chronic fatigue, my dad always benefits from it.
Try a tincture or two from the herbalist, too, to boost the old immune system (Napiers are good).
Rest up and get well soon!

donut said...

omg, my dad had chronic fatigue when i was baby.
i think he just sat in bed for ages... i can't remember