12 January 2009

1 whole month off!

It's been good having a full month off, although I'm starting to get the rock itch.
John's been working hard at getting better - so we'll be extra rocktagious for you on this European tour. I managed to work up some extreme festive spirit for the first time in years, and Anthony (our label dude) just came through for us, in a big way. YAY!

It's on quite a different scale (I figure Best Before aren't shaking in their boots), but I'm involved with putting out 4 split singles!
So here's a glimpse into the joy of screen printing:

More about those, and a Glasgow launch gig here!

Hope to see you in Europe!
Continental OR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland OR The Republic of Ireland!

Now... Tell us what you did over Christmas...

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Glasses said...

WOUNDED KNEE! Love that guy.