03 January 2009


In 2008 we:

1. Said goodbye to founding member James Hamilton, who escaped our rocking clutches to give his full-timeness to Electro pumps Errors
2. Said "hello Paul" to new drummer Paul Carlin, who has steadily descended towards the madness and weirdness levels needed to succeed in the position of "dead fast rock n roll drum git"
3. Laughed in the various, hideous faces of various, hideous record labels
4. Signed with Best Before, the most old-skool label on the block
5. Released a slightly dubious record called 'Sissy Hits' on Holy Roar Records
6. Listened back to Sissy Hits and laughed a bunch
7. Went to New York to record 'Hey Everyone!', our debut long playa, which has turned out to be quite a triumph
8. Toured with Foals, Johnny Foreigner and played umpteen gigs with various rock dudes like The Futureheads, Copy Haho, Operator Please and Favours For Sailors
9. Started writing our 2nd long playa album 'Creeps'
10. Sort of
11. Played both The Barrowlands and ABC1, two of the most big biggg places in Glasgow
12. Toured the UK three or four times

... anything else?

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Anonymous said...

confirmed a HUGE European tour with the Kaiser Chiefs, which will make you HUGE in Europe eventually...