16 February 2009


Why was the snail crying?
Because he was robbed by a pair of naughty turtles!

What is the difference between a slug and a snail?
One's a Catholic, one's a Protestant.

Why couldn't the snail use her Boots Advantage card in the jungle?
Because there aren't any branches of Boots in the jungle!

A slug says to a snail, "Please buy a Big Issue from me." And the snail responds, "Bolt ya jakie basturt".

What was the snail's favourite Beatles song?

Why was the snail deaf?
Because he didn't have any ears!


Joe said...

What did the snail say when it rode on the tortoise's back?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a snail?

Both of them work in the "food service" industry.

gaohui said...

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