06 February 2009


We've had a few days of strange things happening. This is from happier times.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, I´m from Madrid. I read your blog every day since you were here with Kaiser. And it seems that you didn't like my city. Why don´t you do a little comment about Madrid?

Congratulations for the concert, you were good!

When will you do an LP?

Anonymous said...

Hm, sorry about leaving this comment in an inappropriate fangirling way, but, oh well.
Just got home from Zürich gig. You guys are great. Sorry about the crowd being so inanimate, but this is Switzerland and few souls here have heard of you guys. They tend to play nothing but Genesis (or just Phil Collins in general) on the radio... Anyway, I must say I like your music (which I heard for the first time tonight). Was very pleased to be in front row. Hope you aren't dissapointed by Zürich.
Happy touring.

Land Wolf said...

Hi, we had a great time in Madrid! The lack of updates about it is more to do with not getting online. We were stuck on an industrial estate for 30 hours.

And thanks more-matey!!

Anonymous said...

Soy anonymous de Madrid, jaja gracias por el comentario, espero volver a veros pronto por España, teneis gancho!! y pareceis buena gente.

Por cierto, ¿dónde esta mi fontanero?

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, I saw you in Zurich the other night and I just wanted to say you rocked (as much as the Kaiser Chiefs, but don't tell them!) And sorry about the quiet crowd.
Keep it up and thanks for the hugs! :)