13 March 2009


I've been buying some music recently. In fact, it's all i've done this week.
My favourite albums for right now, which will no doubt carry on into next week and soundtrack my trip as we head out to Texas through the skies:

FS Blumm - Zweite Meer - sort of lovely Sea & Cake type guitar loveliness. Great!
F'd Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life - arrived late to this party. This is incredibly rocking!
Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike - just dead good indie rock. Sounds like Buffalo Tom to me haha!
Sholi - Sholi - This one is astonishing, i can't get my head around it!
Hermit Thrushes - Benaki - Kinda weird. And therefore good!
Little Wings - Light Green Leaves - Lo-fi folk guitar pump. Amazing!
Sinebag - Près De La Lisière - Very minimal bird noise and guitar plops! Nice!
Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes - More great female-fronted indie rock!
Danielson - Fetch The Compass Kids - Eccentric indie pop yaaaas!
Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles - Guitar pop wizardry of the highest order!
Copy Haho - Bred For Skills & Magic - Ditto, but noisier!
Favours For Sailors - Furious Sons - Ditto, but scruffier!

Seriously really chuffed that so much lovely music exists for my giant ears to eat up this week. And especially so many great UK releases too! (Well, we could do with loads more great records coming out of Scotland, or at least ones i know about, but that's a different story.) I'm on holiday and i've done nothing but listen to music, eat Asda Orange Cables and do email interviews or pieces for magazines. Exactly. It's magic! So yeah, anyone found out about any nice little amazing bands recently that they would like to share? Post a comment if there's something i should check out. I might actually go to a gig soon too! Australian band Crayon Fields are playing in Glasgow soon. I love them! They sound like The Zombies and are dead good.

Check out the new blog idea we started as well: http://awesome-pals.blogspot.com
It's a great idea. Hopefully it will grow with goodness and all you guys, as well as all the fans of the other bands collaborating, will have a great central location to find loads of informative and funny stuff.


Calum 'Naykroyd said...

You're into Fucked Up now?!?!? AWESOME.

Calum 'Naykroyd said...

OH, and that picture makes me "LOL" every time. I've got a wee dog called Snoopy.


Yeah, the album is incredible. Took me a while to get over the fact it wasn't just Mudhoney and that the guitars are actually incredible and not just your usual straight up garage punk. DEPTH. As for Pink Eyes, there was no doubt there, he is incredible. It was just the guitars i had to "get". Shame we couldn't do that tour now eh?



Calum 'Naykroyd said...

Fucked Up live is amazing - it's just a huge wall of guitars. Lucky I know all the songs otherwise I would've been like "WHITS GAN ON"

Oh, and I JUST FINISHED a remix of Sky Larkin's 'Keepsakes'. WELL WICKID.
I got the parts in the mail and everything. CHECKIT!

donut said...

tame impala

Anonymous said...

this picture gives me nightmares ...

brogues said...

hullo! Cheers for mentioning The Crayon Fields' Glasgow gig. Hope you can make it along! cheers, brogues

Seamus said...

check out the new Telefon Tel Aviv record Immolate Yourself, has a real 80's vibe (if you liked m83's youth=saturdays you'll like this.) Superchunk are finally back(!) with a new EP of old=ish stuff before they hit us with a new album. The new Rentals EP is pretty good, somewhat back to form, definitely better than that horseshit single they brought last year. Other things keeping my ears busy of late, new kaospilot & japandroid records, anything by Tera Melos, various pinback eps and some reminiscent listening of aerogramme.