15 April 2009


Dear friends,  

We're very sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our Levi's Ones to Watch show at the Camden Barfly tomorrow. Paul came down last night with what seems to be tonsillitis, and if any of you have had that before you will know that it is like being hit with a ton of bricks and is really not conducive to the sort of rocktageous funtimes that we like to propagate at our shows.  

Really sorry to disappoint you all. We don't cancel gigs lightly, and Paul was determined to battle through for this one, but as he can barely move and has a worryingly high fever, we thought it would be best if he is allowed time to recover at home.

So please send all your get well wishes this way, and all (Paul!) being well we will see you in London next week for the Camden Crawl.

Thanks, and apologies again



Kaiser Chief said...

Get well soon, Paul!

Studley said...

Aw bum :( Ironically I'm feeling quite sick too, although I can't quite match tonsils.

Just to check - is the whole gig cancelled, or is it just you guys who are off the bill?

Sarah_Yes said...


Get well soon Paul.

daddsy said...

Aw, that's a shame, but yeah, Paul getting better is more important so get well soon Paul!

I have a question about the camden crawl? The thing your playing looks like it's for the young'ns only and a seperate ticket, are you playing the main crawl as well (or just the main crawl, i could be/probably am confused.)

VIOLETA said...

Get well soon Paul!!! :*

Sarah said...

Get well soon Paul :)

Craigski said...

Massively gutted that i wont get the chance to see you guys play tonight? But Pauls health is the main concern and i send my wishes for him to get well soon. Are you guys going to play latitude this year. Really hope to see you at some point live? Massive respect and i love the album.

Joseph said...

Punch it in the face Paul!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the guy above me