23 April 2009



Follow our shining beacon, for we are the bringers of positivity and we shall shed light on the nether regions of your soul. We are the Streetmate-era Davina McCall of modern rock music.

Anyway, this is what I think we're doing, in my favourite form (BULLET POINTS, MAN).
a) Playing a live gig (featuring recently-healthy drummer Paul 'Stubble Rash' Carlin) at Camden Crawl on Saturday at half past five at Camden Barfly at Camden Barfly at half past five. This gig shall be a special "What Positivity Can Do For You/Releasing Your Previous Self" presentation, sponsored by Kool-Aid and Primark.
b) Maybe getting ourselves involved in the process of being in front of some cameras, with the intention of crafting another musical video for public consumption. Which means I need a haircut. Can someone cut my hair?
c) Going to Amsterdam to play at 'London Calling'. WHY THEY HAVEN'T YET ANSWERED THE PHONE ELUDES ME.
d) Heading into an as-yet-unknown (to me) studio to record something for half an hour. BUT OUR GUITARS ARE PETRIFIED! WE NEED A GOLD NEEDLE!

I live in Aberdeen now. So far, I have played approximately 429 hours of World of Warcraft, and ventured out to see the delicious Copy Haho. We're playing up here in May. My poor, poor mother is bringing all her work friends. THAT'S A SURE WAY TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF, MUM.

Anyway, for every negative thought you have, we plant two positive ones. Stay fresh!


Cat@MuSe said...

:D i want that doraemon :D


Youre awesome guys <3

Anonymous said...

my mum went to aberdeen once. i know this because one time i was telling her about kurt cobain and i said 'he's from aberdeen' and she said 'oh i've been there!' and i said 'you've been to america?' and she said 'oh no, the one in scotland.'

gaohui said...

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