17 June 2009

Australia (not just a poor MSP song)

Good news!
My nephew can write all the numbers from 1 to 20!
Also, he won a prize for getting his work finished quickly at school.
Also, and we're going to Australia to play our band.
You know, no biggie.


Trung said...

fuck me i wish i could see you guys in sydney but i'm too young and innocent to be corrupted by your devil music. it was inevitable that you'd play in a pub though. have fun.


Calum 'Naykroyd said...


Duncan said...

Trung, I'll try to work out if there's any way it could be an over 14's show.
Otherwise, I'll buy you a beer, and we can break the law that way.

Trung said...

nice! not sure how this will work though, since it is a pub and laws are real strict (not sure how it is in UK) so the only way i can get into the annandale is if i've got a guardian? not sure, that might only apply to youth bands playing in pubs. in any case, i don't think parents would be down with me going in the first place.
mum says i'm mature for my age if that helps.

Nicola said...

Sunny and Bridget are the characters that killed Neighbours for me.

Yay for breaking the law! I should be coming to see you in Melbourne if me and my friend can get around the whole not being 18 thing.

poshboyuk_ said...

hey muthas,what up(howz it,YO)?!

australia is an abfab msp choon,so what up? you lot are hard as hell 2 find,as i've been iso of y'all,ever since i heard lammo play a cut on bbc6,like last year,huh? i've been misspelling yer moniker,and these dumb ass search engines never ever caught onto it,when they should have,compleatly so? i mean,it's so unique,@ least dan the man himself should've shown up,but no dice,eh? how weird that ya see nothing online about him,he's like a mystery,hum(you'd prefer an astronaut)?

i just got the 1st season of SNL(it's all about the 1st 5,now innit)? it just all fell apart after that,and why it's still on,i'll never ever understand,just like monday night football('let's play some football?!',yea,right)?!
alright,i dig yer quirky vibes,and i will be in touch,so good luck and all,KOOL?

now carry on,cheers you lot?!
one love...

Daniel said...

i think poshboyuk must have done a hella lot of something illegal to write such a fucked up and incohearent reply.

srsly that was genuinely one of the wierdest things i've ever read on the internet and that's saying something guise.

nickp said...

Am well pleased that you are coming to Sydney. Just moved here from London five weeks ago and am missing the regular influx of great bands.

Snecko said...

I like how Daniel was trying to come off all grammar Nazi and misspelt incoherent.

gaohui said...

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