03 August 2009

JBJ Hospital Diary pt 3

Friday 31/7/09

I woke up in a cunt of a mood. I hadn’t slept, my arm was increasingly painful and I was still shitting myself about being put under and wondering what I’d do if it didn’t work.

I was told it would be 12pm or “maybe tomorrow” that I’d go in. I got into some Abraham Hicks while on a shit-tonne of codeine and it got my head together a bit. It turned out that I got taken down just before 2pm and panicked in the direction of anyone who came near me: porter, receptionist, anaesthetist, surgeon, you name it. The anaesthetist gave me some ‘calming’ drugs before knocking me out, so by the time it came to it, I thought it was a brilliant idea! “Lets go! Knock me out, Doc!” I was saying.

I woke up to find myself (as I usually do after anaesthetic), swinging my arms about and shouting. My family seem to have a history of having interesting reactions to general anaesthetic, my favourite being my sister waking up and telling the nurse she was “pure… beautiful” before bursting into tears. I, this time, felt very nauseous, had come out in a rash and was generally freaking out in a semi-conscious but vocal manner. My arm felt better already, the same amount of pain but not as ‘wrong’ as it did before, more natural. Or as natural as 4 steel pins holding your arm together can feel I suppose.

I went upstairs, back to the ward and after my new 20 hour fast was given 2 slices of bread, a slice of cheese and a pear, but Colin added to this a fantastic pack of crisps and M&Ms from the machine. We had a few laughs in the ward (actually, i was so wasted that when i think about this, i remember loads of people there and music playing and all that) eventually he headed back to the hotel. For the rest of the night I phoned family etc back home to give updates and watched Mannequin. My sleep was only interrupted once by pain, but my favourite night nurse James sorted me out. In exchange for eye-pieing painkillers, I’d say things in my funny accent at his request, leaving us both delighted.


Ryan said...

"I woke up to find myself (as I usually do after anaesthetic), swinging my arms about and shouting."


Lawrie said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery man.

Anonymous said...



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johnny said...

does anyone have a clue what that japanese spam is all about, it looks like it's advertising an old peoples home.

glad it seems the op went ok, hope there's no further problems del spooner. get it?

seb said...

get well soon mate! we need you

p said...

get well soon John :)

Anonymous said...




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Anonymous said...

Get better soon, John!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hope it's a speedy recovery
Much Love!!!

Paulien said...

Gett well soon! I'm looking forward to see you guys in Brussels (22/09) & Hasselt (21/08)!
Best wishes from Belgium =),
Paulien x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dananananaykroyd!!

Saw you at the Brixton Arena and you guys rocked!

Sorry about your brocken arm matey, a complete fracture sounds painful mate - I pray for a speedy recovery!

Take good care

PinguTheDuck x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Eponine said...

"I woke up to find myself (as I usually do after anaesthetic), swinging my arms about and shouting"... I can't help but totally visualise that lol

Hoping to see you in Brussels 22/09!!!

Anonymous said...

Mannequin is a classic.

Anonymous said...

now I know you're OK...

Lawrence Photography said...

Best of luck mate. I destroyed my elbow 9 months ago and after 3 operations im still in pain and can straighten it out. I wouldnt wish it on anyone - get well soon and remember beer and pain meds are your friends.

Anonymous said...

Video interview from the night it happened http://musicfeeds.tv/interviews/danananakroyd-at-the-annandale-hotel/#video

get well John

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