22 October 2009


Last night in Newcastle was great!

Super Adventure Club were spellbinding, and Dinosaur Pile-Up rocktageous!
We got our hands on some Sailor Jerry, and some fake irn bru. Brillzo!
Played two new songs, really happy with how they're going, last night must be the longest set we've ever played. This tour might well kill us.

We only get our Hugtober tshirts delivered today, so we're sorry Newcastle!

Oh! There's 9 of us in the van, now we feel like a properly heavy gang.

Talk soon!



Ben said...

You were flippin' incredible last night, thanks for such a great time! Though I'm gutted about missing out on a "Hugtober" t-shirt!

johnny said...

yes gutted about missing the hugtober t-shirt. Please bring one next time you come to newcastle.

Although brilliant gig, my first gig in newcastle after moving to durham and I probably won't see a better one.

Did you notice that the guy david gave the guitar to was actually playing some dresses. Or so he said on the taxi home.

Anonymous said...

"20 people in nottingham last year", how rude!

JBJ said...

rude? its true! if anything a good thing since last night was such an awesome turn out (and awesome crowd).
cheer up! :) x

Anonymous said...

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