10 August 2010



Derek said...

Gyaaaah when do we get a traaaack?!?! :-)

DarkArts said...

Guys, I check this everyday at work, hoping you've updated something more interesting than the yellow face that has become synonymous with disappointment for me. Not only have you bored me shitless for half a month, you've ruined the simpsons for me.

Even the excitement of thinking this was your new album cover was hugely diminished by the release of the new weezer album.

In short, I'm a really lonely guy and I need some hot scottish text/img love.

Stinky Man said...

Thanks for the most substantial thing anyone has said to us for over a year.

Long story short: We took a year out and are piling up as much disappointment and indifference as possible before unleashing ourselves again on the world.

However, for being bored at your job and unfairly blaming it on a band (us), we can reveal to you, right now, exclusively, that we will be recording our new album at the end of November.

There will be many interesting blog updates to come, many of which will send alarming colours and sounds into your office, forcing your boss to have your internet priviledges removed indefinitely. You have been warned!

DarkArts said...

Hahaha that would only be a problem if my boss didn't like Hey Everyone so much.

Can't wait to see who produces,
here's hoping you swap Machine for Ross Robinson and start making new names for genitals.

Also: I'm glad I now know Bart's shadowsoulnegative is pink.

DarkArts said...

Holy Crap,

I had no idea you were actually using Ross Robinson I am a pre-cognitive joker.

I would be a great batman villain.