26 May 2008

Better Bones

I think i've broked my ear muscles. I have definitely done damage this weekend. It's looking like i'm going to have to do the whole Mission Of Burma giant headphone things that people who drill in the road wear. Ouch.

Thanks to The Futureheads and Operator Please (some of the funniest, most spackiest people we've ever met) and thanks to 2 Days In Stereo (Derek) and Eurocultured for giving us a hotel rooms which we spent one hour sleeping in.

Micro-tour 1 done and dusted.

Oh yeah, we got Sissy Hits cd's from Alex (thanks Alex!) and the look amazing. Get them pre-ordered up doodz, see a few posts below.

I'm listening to Brainiac through headphones and it sounds really weird, as though my brain is fried....

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