20 May 2008


Hi dudes!

Not much to unveil at the minute, but I'm sure something ultranewsy will be along soon to keep your web-based buttocks on the edge of their web-based seats. Web 2.0 is a keen beast, no? Sorry for not posting anything for a while. We're writing stuff for an impending album - honest!

We're going out rocking a lot more this year so that we lose weight and get in more hilarious, almost sit-com embarrassing situations so that you, the viewer, can either come to our shows and join us in ritualistic celebration, or read about them here in our own words and pictures and grammatical mistakes. BOOP! Here's a tiny list of what we're doing soon:

23 May - Stereo,Glasgow
24 May - Dundee w/ The Futureheads
25 May - Eurocultured Festival, Manchester
3 Jun - Cluny, Newcastle w/ Johnny Foreigner & Ox.eagle.lion.man
4 Jun - Sumo, Leicester w/ Johnny Foreigner & Ox.eagle.lion.man
5 Jun - Proud AM=AK, London w/ Johnny Foreigner & Ox.eagle.lion.man
8 Jun - Bardens Boudoir, London
10 Jun - Club Artrocker, London
12 Jun - Fuzz Club, Sheffield
18 Jun - Oran Mor, Glasgow w/ Melt Banana (!!! I'm excited!)
19 Jun - Adventures Close To Home @ Moshulu, Aberdeen
26 Jul - Tough Love Records 3rd Birthday All Dayer, Coventry
27 Jul - 93 Feet East, London w/ Erase Eratta
30 Aug - Offset Festival, Essex

I'm reliably informed that there's a bunch more that I probably don't know about. Some of the gaps will get filled in so I don't know. Keep looking with your web-based eyes.

In other news, none of these dates might happen because I have started playing Final Fantasy XI. But if Duncan can manage his World of Warcraft addiction enough to leave the house for more than a day, I'm sure he can give me handy hints on how to do the same with my online RPG...

Yours with tongues,
Calum xxx


Leni said...

The last RPG I played with any intensity was Pokemon. I was going to buy Mass Effect...but I'm unsure. They have FF XI for cheap at the video game store. That is certainly an option...but World Of Warcraft!11!! I'm too scared to touch it.

Good luck on your tour and good luck in advance for whenever you guys make it to America. I'm gonna listen to your muxtape right about nowww.


Mass Effect is a pussy RPG! It's like an action game, really. Except you talk to a bunch of aliens.

FF XI is amazing, if you like LEVALLAN UP FOR LIFE! If you do join, go on the server Kujata and join Bastok so I can be pals wit yall