10 June 2008



Well! The show was weird - I enjoyed it (as usual), but David's guitar fell apart and his spare sounded like instant coffee, and John literally broke a cymbal stand by hitting a cymbal, broke a floor tom skin, and broke drumsticks left, right and centre. So we're on our way to 'Rock Around The Clock', some music shop.
Rolo Tomassi blew us off the big bad Barden's stage last night! They were awesome. Eva told me about this DVD called "The Zen Of Screaming" which I'll definitely have to download. I mean buy.
After the show, we went to Dalston Jazz Bar or something and got a bit silly with it. Today, some of us are a little hungover.
I have no idea where Exeter is, or how long it takes to get there, but GODDAMN, we're coming.


We got David's guitar fixed for the princely sum of £1.50 (£1.50!) at Rock Around The Clock from a very nice man that looks like he's seen a thing or two on the good ol' rock circuit. A new tom skin, drumsticks, plectrums, guitar strings and strap locks were purchased too. The van was pure murder to be in for a while, due to a little hangover all over some faces, but we stopped at a really crap service station and got some food.
Service stations are weird little places, like microcosms of the worst world ever. Some of them are these empty, soulless places with over-priced wet sandwiches and strange people with strange accents, but some (like Westmorland in Cumbria) are amazing delights where you can get any manner of awesome organic foods. Which is perfect for us, seeing as we're comprised almost exclusively of vegetarians, homosexuals and women.
So we arrived in Exeter. Exeter is a really lovely looking place, all leaf-green and hayfever-inducing. After soundcheck at The Cavern (where we had the best on-stage sound I have ever experienced), and having dinner thanks to the fantastic bar dude, we had a short wander - it took about one minute of walking before we found ourselves outside a fucking cathedral. Amazing. Had a pint of some Cornish lager that had a monk surfing on the tap. BRUTAL.
There was barely anyone at our show, which kind of freaked me out a little. It was kind of nice, though - we got to play a bit more experimentally. John joined me with his microphone for things we haven't tried before, and there were a lot of drum things going on. I got to test exactly how ridiculous my voice can be. All in all, a really strangely fun show!
The guy that put on the show wasn't there (and, as far as I could tell, wasn't planning on attending), so it was left to the bar staff to find us somewhere to stay. Luckily, the night's DJs, Tom and Madeleine, threw us a bag completely rammed with hospitality, and let our gang of seven sleep in their house. So, thanks guys!

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