10 June 2008



Had a nice couple of days in sunny (seriously) Glasgow. John and David are in London already, John having been DJing last night and David having stayed with his sister, so the rest of our fair crew are party-vanning down the M6 like nobody's business. I've already watched the second half of Boogie Nights - I've only ever seen the first half, so it was nice to close that particularly raunchy chapter of my life. OUR STUFF'S THAT GOOD. Now listening to the new Venetian Snares record, 'Detrimentalist', really loudly. It's fucking awesome. No more 'Young Machetes' this week, I guess!
Duncan's gone and bought the entire internet. Well, a wee USB stick that makes HTML fly into our van out of the air like dead birds. That means I can post this crap on-the-fly. What a day!
Tonight we're having a record release party for Sissy Hits, and Rolo Tomassi are playing! I'm scared they're going to throw us over their laps and spank us. Those guys are going to be world famous times a million or something, I can't wait to see them. Also, I predict that John will shout at me for wearing a Misfits t-shirt. FUUUUCK.


John didn't shout at me. Another load-in from a serious mile away, around corners and all things. This band, Baddies, are soundchecking. My brain is rejecting, I don't understand it. We're all in good spirits, doing a lot of running around, throwing things, and screaming. Rolo Tomassi are great and asked us to do a tour with them later in the year, which would be rad! Mike Diver from Drowned In Sound turned up and we finally got to shout "Holy Diver" at him. He says he's used to it. We don't care.
We get some drinks tokens (waaaaagh) and amazing veggie food (yaaaaaay) including quiche! I totally forgot about quiche, and will now be eating quiche every day in Glasgow.

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