07 June 2008



Had a radical time last night, hanging outside with JoFo and the vans. David was being an amazing idiot, picking up ladders and hitting things on the wall. You know?
The stage was, again, bastard hot, and the crowd were at least vaguely up for it. Didn't get to see much of JoFo, as John, Duncan and I were staying at John's sister's lovely house. Her new son, Oliver, is a great wee guy.
Slept in a bed (!!) in a hot room, and even had a shower (!!!!!) because my hair stank like the next apocalypse. Today we're setting off to LDN (London), to do this strange thing on Brick Lane somewhere. Then we're playing our last show with JoFo at Proud, in Camden. So soon? Awwww.


So we did this weird interview-y thing... Basically, this advertising company (who are apparently a big deal?) are doing a new Nokia campaign based on the phone's music capabilities, and wanted to get an impression of what bands and promoters or whoever have to say about music, touring, and all that sort of thing. To get to the core of music in a digital age. LOL? So, we turned up to what I can only describe as Nathan Barley's office (but probably a whole lot nicer and not actually anything like Nathan Barley's office), and talked to some really rather nice people about being in a band and our philosophies about everything musical. They played a couple of tracks from Sissy Hits over the worst stereo ever, which was faintly embarrassing.
Oh no way guys! We got four Ks (out of five) in Kerrang, too. That made me feel pretty neat. I always wanted to be in Kerrang. We wandered around the Rough Trade shop, looking at expensive rad records. Being in a band makes you skint. Talked to Sinead (again) for half an hour and got a hot ear on the phone.
We're trying to find somewhere to load our gear in to the weird place Proud. I think they're still making the building be a building. Doesn't bode well...


Spent a fun time with Alexei shouting at promoters and whoever, trying to get a couple of beers (and gin for JoFo). It was fucking hilarious. No soundcheck, but I didn't care. Who needs that shit when yr a fuck'n punkk? Sid Vicious was all over the walls of that weird venue. I was immediately sick of the Sex Pistols for life.
Anthony (head of Best Before, JoFo's label) took us for a drink and eat. Much fun ensues as bad people continue to be completely unhelpful with regards to gear and beer. My younger sister turns up, which is nice!
Tubelord play and are excellent. I missed Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man as I was talking to the aforementioned sibling. We play, and go down well and have fun, I run about, everyone smiles, etc etc etc... John got his eye slammed open mercilessly by, of all things, the screw bit off of his hi-hat clutch. It was bleeding hardcore (That's not 'bleeding' as in 'very', that's as in 'blood'). Intermission - HOLY SHIT I HAVE PINS AND NEEDLES IN MY ENTIRE LEG. IF I WALK ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW I WILL MISS THE FLOOR AND FALL OVER GIGGLING.
After we play, I man our merch bit and sell a hundred thousand copies of Sissy Hits to ten million people with hands covered in money. So, thanks to the 20 people that bought our rock record!
JoFo were seriously fo' shizzle great, but all problems in life invariably lead back to crap promoters or venue staff - an encore was just about to happen when Mr. Volume decided to invite Mr. V. Loud House Music to the party, in an effort to quash those plans. My advice is that noone should play at Proud. It was fun, though!
Post-show, we cart our gear an absurdly long distance to the van, drop John, Duncan and David off at the 'Gay Mansion' (Joe from Cleckhuddersfax' house) and begin to ascend the length of our wonderful nation, bless it's very heart. I woke myself up singing 'Giant Swan'. I cannot stop listening to Young Machetes. Oh, but the new Venetian Snares album leaked! So that'll be on for the next jaunt.
Oh yeah! I finished the NHG record. It's called 'Black Plaque'. Fuck you!
Bye! See you next week, suckaaasss!

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