07 June 2008



Helped out with JoFo's merch for a bit last night, which was fun, then headed over to the ever-helpful Joel's house, where I was a bit drunk. I slept at a million 90-degree angles and watched Beverley Hills Cop. Shit, Axel F is the MAN.
Woke up with a huge throat, lumpy head, bad rib, and terrible back. Laura declared that she had a dream in which Duncan was hugely chauvinistic and gloating about sex. "What a guy!" I screamed. We watched Trisha for a short while, Laura wanted very badly to find out whose Dad was whose or something, and left for Leicester. I find myself without a hangover, possibly due to huge amounts of excitement. I'm like a child.


Today has been an tarmac cover version of the Rainbow Road track from nearly every iteration of Mario Kart. A huge big line of grey that only Sat Nav units can truly measure. Wasn't bad, though. Watched Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job (which, if you haven't seen it, is the funniest, best thing ever, even after a million viewings) and then listened to The Blood Brothers' 'Young Machetes', which is the best album I can think of sometimes. Being away with the band is kind of like being at home with your clothes on, except you're moving (in my case, backwards) and you're with your best friends.
Our EP got 8/10 in the "NME". I seem to remember being told that they didn't like us anymore, so that was a pleasant surprise. I got called a "man-tornado". Informed Sinead via the magic of telecommunication that she is a "lady-typhoon".
Sumo in Leicester seems like a nice place to play. I hope the show is busy, and that the Berocca I'm about to drink sooths my throat back to it's normal size. Then, and only then will I be able to truly scale the heights of my very limited vocal range. I should definitely warm up before we play, and do a lot more stretching. And sleep more good, yeah? Five crunched-out hours isn't the best for a growing lad's body.
Can't tell if my ears are ringing (Young Machetes was LOUD) or if there's a dull hum in this cold, weird dressing room. There's ham in the fridge that looks like the seed of a new way of life.


This is how it works:
a) Three hours for five bands to play or something? What?
3) Promoters will take a long time to feed you when you are at your hungriest.
$) Promoters are always hiding from you.

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