13 August 2008

Any of our New York friends there?

Not this friday as in 2 days, but the next one as in 9 days.... the 22nd i think? Of August?

We'll all be at the Annex in New York (i know it's a big place, but we don't know the names of the parts lol).
John is playing a solo Dolby Anol show and if you're around, please come down and rock out/drink with us!

It might be the best night of our lives so far.
Why would you miss that?


Leni said...

get lost in china town, it'll be the time of your life!

texas ftw tho, cuz like, I live theres.

Future Bear said...

Texas! Hopefully we'll be at sxsw next year!!

Leni said...

that would be brilliant. i went to this past one. was quite an adventure. Didn't have a pass (nor was I 21), so I hardly got to see any of the bands I wanted to.