13 August 2008


Just to clear things up officially and to prevent the risk of upsetting any more gay people (if you don't know what i'm talking about, it doesn't matter), one third of our band is homosexual. The other two thirds are in no way homophobic and pretty much see everyone, of any sexual orientation, to be a beautiful baby with a lovely, lovely face. I very much doubt that, if the straight ones in the band were in any conceivable way homophobic, the chances of them being allowed or even wanting to play in this band are as slim as Calum's stretched-out toddler body. Loltimes. The only reason people get upset with tongue-in-cheek things that may be said (entirely from the mouths of the third of the band that is gay, i might add) is, seemingly, because you, the beautiful babies, are simply assuming that we, as a hard rocking band with full-on pouting, muscle shows and human pyramid action, are all straight, tough, macho, gay-hating people, which is, funnily enough, exactly the opposite of the truth. So please, anything you're offended by, if John calls you a faggotlips and screams in your face, don't fly off the handle and start wailing on us, just call us up on it like any reasonable, beautiful adult baby would and we'll sort it out like good and very beautiful babies.


Beautiful Babies said...

Beautiful babies. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful babies. Babies that are beautiful.




Beautiful babies.





Anonymous said...

what 1/3 of the band is gay then?

chunxue said...

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