17 October 2008

My Stupid Pink Sabbath Video / Foals

That stupid video I made with Japanese trannies in it is all about the internet, making a fool of itself.

I sit about in my pants all day eating beans. When i'm not in a rock band, that is pretty much the only thing I do. Doing so can sometimes lead to bad mindwrong, which, in turn, leads to thinking that i'm funny and making stupid videos that literally take 15 minutes to chop up and stick online.

So, please, if you see this video anywhere, don't watch it, because it's pure crap and isn't even remotely official. YOU ARE WHHEIRD.

In other news, we have just finished our Foals tour and are pretty much gutted to not be hanging out with them anymore. They are amongst the nicest, most welcoming people we have ever come across and we're really grateful for everything they have done for us this week. We love them guyses so much.

Jings, just as I was getting over my death-cold as well. Boo! Come back!!


mbeagan said...

yeah man sorry i stuck it on youtube was loving the song it had to get spread about a bit ;)

DROY said...

no probs! Just embarrassed, that's all!