18 October 2008


This blog post is set to synchronise with "All These Things That I Have Done" by The Killers. Or whatever that song is called.

Oh so hey guys! We toured for a long-ish time just there and got back to triumphantly rainy Glasgow last night! We toured the UK with our superfriends Johnny Foreigner, then did it again in massive rooms full of kids with our superfriends Foals and Holy Fuck!

Q: What's the noise rock music makes when it is propelled towards a large part of Britain?
A: "SCOTT?!????!! I'M STARVIN'?G>?!???"

Illness ripped through some of us like a bad paper over the last fortnight, especially Laura at first, then especially David at second.
YOU CANNOT BUY A VISOR ANYWHERE IN ANY SHOP ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET, apparently. I tried for days upon days, and the obsession only grew. Failure has left a black stain on my soul.

One night some of us enjoyed a full-blown pants party with some of the others. Thanks to Holy Fuck for supplying me with pants. Let's hope those photos never escape.

Anyway, I don't know what else to say because I'm still a little tired for all the ROKKEN. If you saw us, thank you for watching us play our rockles! And come see us again in a couple of weeks when we SPLLLAAATTT over the UK and Scotland AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN on our OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



George Naish (Bristol) said...

Hey alllllll,
Are you guys coming to Bristol academy any time soon? You were the
best live act i have ever seen.
I saw a poster in the academy on the foals night saying you will be coming in november. This year or next year?
your biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

cardiff barfly on the 16th of november (this year) is the closest to bristol as far as i can tell!

Anonymous said...

The best stand up around today. Not one gig he does is exactly the same. You need to get his Purple Onion dvd yo! Grassi. xx