08 November 2008


Night five!

The first thing that strikes us about The Deaf Institute is just how swish a venue it is. The wallpaper is nuts and the stage is all high up like Madame Jojos in London, but with sloping, arena type seating at the back. It's just the right size too (ie. far too small for my 100w tube amp beast machine - burn!) Despite being rickrolled by the barstaff (no matter how many times we ask or how many times we try to connect, the wireless password "rickastley" won't work ever - haha), it feels great to be back in the land of the living, a town populated by actual fans of our band or creeps who hadn't just crept out the walls to stare at us blankly. We play with Cats In Paris and Dutch Uncles who are both completely rocking bands. The venue is packed and we go down a storm, playing our first encore of the tour. We even pull out 'The Wall Of Cuddles' and wear our daft, 12 pence witches hats. Normal service resumes... for now. A wee bit of dancing afterwards and, at midnight, we sing happy birthday to Paul, who, incidentally, will be the first man alive from Glasgow to ever spend his birthday in Wakefield. Wherever that is.


Paul said...

wish i was there! was right at the front in wakefield, taking photos, you were fucking awesome. bought three t shirts! can;t wait to see you again!

Ian motherfucker Breen said...

I really wanted to come but had to attend a birthday bash instead, but I managed to race to the venue on my way to the party and pick up both Pink Sabbath and a lovely shirt, so thanks a lot for them!!! I heard about The Wall Of Cuddles from Cats In Paris last night who were all in very high spirits from that gig!

So, yes, glad it went well and thanks for the rad 7" and shirt :)