08 November 2008


Night four!

The M Club in Crewe is gigantic. It's brown trousers time. There's no support band. The PA music is wildly awful. Like, seriously. The sound guy tells us that "students in Crewe don't go to gigs" and, with those sorry, half-hearted words still ringing through the venue come stage time, it's another poor show as we're presented with a handful of blank-faced dribblers, stinking of indifference, spaced out at tables all across the 2000 capacity venue, refusing to show any sort of emotion towards the band as we struggle right from the off to inject any sort of fun or memorable content into their lives for one half hour. We shout at people in the hope they'll shout back. They don't. There's even a guy with a flashing LED t-shirt who wont try and fight us, no matter how much we make fun of him. Perhaps we really should have come on stage wearing the 12 pence witches hats that John had bought for all of us a few hours earlier. Ah well. However, upon closer inspection, some people are actually into it and the night is saved as those who do enjoy themselves all buy t-shirts. Thanks! We pack up the van and leave hoping that when we do return, word will have spread that, yes, live rock music really does exist in Crewe and people there should never take that for granted. Cheer up!


tomleggett said...

i was going to come to this, but having no job/money i've had to miss this entire tour. though saying that despite living 10mins from crewe i probably wouldve travelled 45mins on the train to manchester for a gig that actually had some atmosphere. most of the people who are into decent music in this area have moved away to uni, or goto gigs in manchester, as crewe is a hole...a deep dark hole that everyone tries to escape

Clare said...

Deeply sorry about Crewe. It sucks. You know we come to see you whenever you're within an hour radius but even though I live like 10 minutes away from Crewe, I'd rather stay in Preston, yo. Come bacckkkk!