06 November 2008


Night three!

We didn't even know where Wrexham was until we got to Wales. And discovered that Wrexham was in Wales. Sadly, not many people there knew who we were either and we played to a very modest crowd. Still, it was a good show, we jumped around like loonies, climbed up on things and the few people who lasted the night left happy. I think. Not much to remember about the night, other than Paul and I finding a pub with the Celtic game on. Everyone in the band has a laptop now and scenes in the backstage areas are starting to resemble something lifted straight from 'Microserfs', with everyone gathered round, on the internet, looking like we're all programming some fantastic new software together, when, in fact, we're all just playing 'World Of Goo' or looking up that Hackley School band cover of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on Youtube. We're used to the funny looks.


paul said...

i left happy!

DROY said...