16 March 2011


Our second album is called 'There Is A Way'. It has eleven songs on it. We made it in California with Ross Robinson. It comes out in June. We're really, really psyched for you to hear it. Here's the tracklist:

All Us Authors
E Numbers
Think and Feel
Muscle Memory
Time Capsule
Good Time
Seven Days Late
Glee Cells Trade
Make A Fist


Studley said...

Prithee reveal more about tracklisting and formats?

I'm hoping for a betamax taped to a bulldog?


Tracklist is up now! Formats... CD... maybe other stuff... we'll see. We're releasing it on our own label, Pizza College.

Charlotte said...

8 days after my b-day... THAT IS PERFECT hahaha cannot wait to get it, thank youuuuuuuuu guys for being back, see u soon on stage x

Jake said...

Is there going to be an American tour for the new album? And if there is there better be a stop in Massachusetts. And if there's a stop in Massachusetts it better be all ages because if you come here and I can't get in I will be very, very angry indeed.

spence said...

no keaton? bawwww

spence said...

no keaton? bawwww

Anonymous said...

I am going to pirate the living shit out of this.

No, twice the living shit.

Anonymous said...

Very excited. I don't know if you have before but if not, you should tour America. I'd love to see you guys come to New York.

DAVID said...

AMERICAN DUDES! We've been trying to get a US label for a while now. It's the only way we'll make it over. It's going to happen. Let's all make it happen. COME ON!