22 April 2011


It's here! The first official single from our new album. It's called Muscle Memory. It's out 6th of June on our own Pizza College label (pizza01!!) and you can watch the video right now, if you want:


Stinky Man said...

not for the first time
blood on the gym floor
arcs like a rainbow round
not so appalling
to wring my own neck
names on the gauze; absent

play along
cos i know the chords
muscle memory

wisdom is clumsy, enlightened
by stereo evangelists
listen, to decode, so badly
the meanings in allegory

take what seems to get you down
and follow misinterpretations

play along
cos i know the chords
muscle memory

gracious, but casual, hang on
to every word transmitted from
playlists and albums, just knowing
the fawning is just secondary

left inhibitions at the door
regrets are met with open arms


play along
cos i know the chords
play along
muscle memory

you'd like me better if i liked you less

clumsy, and awkward, in public
you spill around in stationary
motion, seasick, from speaking
the morals of your influence

limbs cast fondly to the sea
remember who you used to be?

shureeee mom said...

So sexilicious this is.

R'c. said...

Damn I didn't know you have a blog about you!!
I did a review about you in mine but I think you already read it.
Just in case, http://tujoues.blogspot.com/search?q=dananananaykroyd
Hope to see you soon on a stage.


Anonymous said...


claire said...
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claire said...

Why did you formed Pizza College?I can´t wait to your new album!

DjyRom said...

Hey everyone !

Please come touring in France again ! I saw you in Paris @ Rock en Seine in 2009 and your show was really amazing :D

I can't wait to see you playing live your new songs.

Thanks for all your energy