19 July 2012


For the sake of closure, fan service, and reclaiming some hard disk space from 224.4 Gb of tour footage, here's a final video from me.

You can find more new videos our youtube channel which contain all the arguments, raps, unedited live songs, and in-jokes that I felt weren't quite appropriate for the average Dananananaykroyd fan.

Alarm Bells - a wild hardcore prog rock version of Dananananaykroyd
Ex Teens - a slacker indie rock version of Dananananaykroyd
Ghost Pants - a parent friendly, dream-pop version of Dananananaykroyd
Her Parents - awesome punk LDN kids
Calum is putting out electronic music as Slimes, as is JBJ under the name Baby Diego.

Join us on facebook or twitter and we'll keep you up to date with these new noises!

Love you punks!

29 September 2011

The End

What follows is some text that we've sent to the press.
It's always sad when great things come to an end, but we're going to convert all that sadness into a million joyous moments for these upcoming gigs!


After five years of consistently smashing audiences around the collective face, we are gutted to announce that Glasgow’s six-man musical fireball Dananananaykroyd have announced their intention to split immediately after the conclusion of their forthcoming UK tour.

Drawing plaudits wide and varied, the outfit oft-described as “the best live band in the world,” have notched two critically-acclaimed albums including their most recent effort ‘There Is A Way’ made on Venice Beach, LA with legendary producer Ross Robinson.

“We all still love each other very much,” said the group, “for a band called Dananananaykroyd we’ve done more than we ever expected or possibly even intended and we’ve enjoyed nearly every step of the way. We’re very keen at the same time to make sure we’re never compromising or giving anything less than 100% and at this juncture of our collective lives, it makes sense to go out with a bang – which is exactly what this tour will be.”

Following shows in Leeds and Bristol, Dananananaykroyd’s 12-date farewell tour begins in hometown Glasgow and ends in a giant sphere of blood, guts, human flesh, fire and rock in Newcastle on 12th November and calls over the UK beforehand.

The band will release their final single ‘Think & Feel’ digitally on 7th November 2011.

24 August 2011

VICE documentary on our band (5 parts!)